Female Director, DP Cinematographer, Photographer, Video Editor VFX+SFX, Graphic Designer, Web Designer+Dev, Ambassador, Entrepreneur,Talent, Rehabilitation Coach.


I am drawn to crafting authentic, cohesive visual narratives. My creative and strategic technical abilities allow me to navigate through commercial & creative briefs/projects efficiently from start to end.

I am very passionate and enthusiastic about the visual creative processes and have a deep understanding and connection to my practices. I enjoy collaborating with diverse open minded people.

I'm originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Born in 1989. I grew up in a surfer village called Kommetjie (783). 

I have worked/ travelled internationally. Lived through some of life's challenges and done a bunch of cool stuff between with my creative work and personal projects.  

I went on to study Photography/Film/Software at Orms CTSP as a mature student in South Africa in my late 20's. I moved to the United Kingdom where I have worked assisting businesses with Photography, Strategy, Creative Directing, Filmmaking, Creating Documentaries for BBC. I'm now based in Stonegate, East Sussex where I have a small home studio. 

I strive to make a change in the world big or small. I contribute time towards personal projects where I focus on diverse up liftment projects.

Gear: Sony A7R III , Lenses, Tripod, Lighting/Reflectors,Backdrops, Field Monitor, MacBook Pro, M Audio interface.

Software: Adobe (Full Suite), Lightroom, Photoshop, Filmora Pro, After Effects, Garageband/ Alberton Live, Sound & B-Roll licenses with Artgrid.

Marketing / Mock Ups with Affinity Pro / Canva Pro.

Handheld Camera

Utopia, dream a little dream.




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